Something is missing in your life.

& No matter how hard you’ve tried to improve your mental health, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to the point of making a real change.

It’s time to go directly to the source of where change is made, the subconscious. 
1:1 sessions allow you to speak directly with your subconscious to create a completely personalized experience that provides the richest opportunity for transformation. 


The Whole Woman Healing Process

  1. You begin by taking an energetic self-assessment to gain clarity on how your energy is affecting your life in general as well as your ability to respond when experiencing stress.
    *This Assessment was rated #3 on Forbes’ list of self-assessments!

  2. Together we go over the results of your assessment; utilizing the power of hypno-coaching to create a blueprint of how your subconscious energy is weighing you down. We’ll work directly with your subconscious to determine how you will best shift that energy to serve your highest and greatest good.

  3. Your transformational journey continues with Nine 90 minute hypno-coaching calls. Where we use the power of the subconscious to create inner transformation, while utilizing the strategy of coaching to move you forward through intentional action.
    *You also receive 24/7 access to me, via Whatsapp, for mini breakthrough coaching between sessions!

Things will get worse before they get better,
UNLESS you decide to make a change now.

The YOU that you desire to be is already within you.
Quit wasting your precious life trying to find her!
The power of this process will uncover her for you.

  • Reduce your stress

  • Disarm your depression

  • Be motivated and productive

  • Live purposefully and passionately!


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Not only will you find out if I’m the perfect guide to help you on this journey but you’ll also receive clarity on the first steps to your transformation, whether we decide to work together or not!